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How to Hire a Chimney Repair Company

How to Hire a Chimney Repair Company

The chimneys form an essential part of every home. It helps regulate the internal room temperature while also keeping toxins and pollutants out. It also helps with reducing odors and allowing fresh air to circulate inside the home. 

With that said, a chimney that needs repair should be given attention as soon as possible. Aside from poor air circulation, a broken chimney can also cause moisture problems inside your home, monoxide poisoning, and chimney fires. And you sure don’t want that to happen in your home. 

Luckily, you can hire professionals to repair your chimney for you. If you need further guidance, here are some tips on how to hire a chimney repair company. 

1.Years of Service

When hiring a chimney repair company, you don’t just go for the first one you come across. One of the factors you have to consider is how long they have been in the industry. That will give you an idea of how well they are at their work. 

If a company has been in service for years, that reflects how well it has handled its job requests. And this is quite common sense. Think about it: if a company offers an unsatisfactory service, would you hire it again? Of course not. Following that logic, a company that remains in the industry must have left satisfying results for their clients. 

Ideally, the longer the company has been in the industry, the better. The long years in service will also lead them to discover new techniques that will further improve their craft. 

So before you hire a chimney repair company, look into how long they have been in service. If it’s been a decade or more, then you know you can trust it.  


Another factor to look into is the company’s expertise. There’s no denying that there are now multiple repair companies in existence. But, take note that these companies have their line of specializations, and they may not instantly include chimney repairs. 

Since the chimney forms an integral part of your roof, it's best to go for a roofing company. A roofing company that specializes in repair and maintenance is a great choice since they know exactly how to repair your chimney. 

Also, their expertise in roofing will allow them to see issues that are not visible to the naked eye. What you thought was a simple crack may be leading to a bigger problem, and they will know exactly how to handle it. That's why the repair company's expertise should not be brushed aside. 

3.Licensed Professionals

Without a doubt, you should look for a company that only hires licensed professionals. These professionals went through the necessary training and practical work to earn their licenses, so you know that they are more than capable of getting the job done. 

Also, hiring licensed professionals tell us that the company is serious about what they’re doing. They know how important your chimney is to your home, so they will only give you the best to work on it. 

But most importantly, these licensed professionals are required to undergo regular training to stay updated about the latest repair tips and techniques. With new technology used for chimneys and roofing, they must also catch up with these changes. 

4.Professional Approach

When dealing with a chimney repair company, observe how well they deal with their clients. This will give you an idea as to their approach while they work.

As much as possible, go for a company that treats its clients with the utmost professionalism. When a company acts professionally, you know that their team is composed of people who will handle the repair with care and consideration for your home. after all, no one wants unruly people working on their homes. 

How to Hire a Chimney Repair Company

5.Work Quality

Another factor that you have to consider is the quality of their work. When a repair company knows what they are doing, you’re less likely to hire them again for a rework of your chimney. And that will save you more money on repair costs in the long run. 

Also, when a company’s work quality is superb, you can be confident that the chimney is in great shape – ready for harsh weather without causing further damage to your home’s structure. That will surely give you peace of mind. 

6.Material Quality

Aside from the quality of the work done, you should also look into the quality of the materials used. 

Sometimes, you may be more inclined to pay for a company that offers affordable rates. But, there are times when affordable rates also convert to cheap quality of the materials used. As a result, your chimney will have to undergo frequent repair work because the material simply does not hold up. 

Instead, pick a company that's known to use high-quality materials in their every repair work. These materials don't have to be the most expensive, but they should at least be sturdy and of good quality. As a tip, remember that company that’s been in the industry for years knows how to pick the best material for the kind of chimney you have at home. 

7.Client Feedback

There are times when you simply cannot determine whether the chimney repair company is good or not. In this case, you can only trust the testimony of their former clients.

These clients have had the first-hand experience with how the company works, making them a reliable source of information. They will give you details that the company may not reveal, and that can help you decide whether to ultimately hire them or not. 


Most importantly, pick a chimney repair company that’s fully insured. As much as possible, pick a company that’s covered by insurance in case of liability. The liability may stem from damage by their workers, damage due to the materials used, any other form of damage incidental to the repair work. This coverage will give you peace of mind, knowing that you’ll be indemnified in case of damage. 

A company that’s covered by liability insurance is responsible. They know how to protect your interests as well as theirs. And that makes them an ideal company to work with – especially considering the tricky nature of chimney repairs.